Collection: YAKINIKU® Grill | Kamado

The YAKINIKU® is the ultimate Kamado for everyone who wants to get the most out of their adventures and barbecue dishes. With the YAKINIKU®, everyone is a grill master!

Simple operation, professional result.

The YAKINIKU®, which means grilled meat in Japanese, is a Kamado barbecue based on a traditional Japanese model. The oval shape of the Kamado guarantees the circulation of hot air. You are in control of the temperature in your YAKINIKU®, as you can meticulously regulate the oxygen supply. Thus, you can grill the meat at a high temperature and cook it further at a low temperature. The YAKINIKU® grill is made of 33mm thick ceramic, so it retains heat better than other Kamados. The advantage is that the consumption of charcoal is between 50 and 70% less than in an open barbecue, where oxygen has a free hand.