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Suar Wooden Tables

Suar Wooden Tables

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The ultimate wood slab table! Beautiful drawings in the wood and a very nice contrast between the lighter sapwood and the dark heartwood. Every Suar wood slab table is robust and unique! The Suar hardwood comes from Indonesia and has therefore already traveled the world quite a bit! The wood is well dry and hardly works. The trees grow very fast, up to 1.5 meters per year and can reach 25 meters in height. Suar wood is therefore not a protected wood species and meets the 'Indonesian Legal Wood' certificate.

The tops of our Suar wood slab tables are about 8 cm thick. We believe that you should be able to see a Suar wood slab before purchasing. That is why we created the quotation form and photos are always available of all sheets that are in stock. If we know your desired length and width, we can make a quotation for you and immediately show you the available sheets by email. Length ranging from 250 cm to 400 cm. For special requests, we can always look for a suitable wood slab. The Suar tree trunk tables go up to 5/6 meters.


Normal retail price:

€ 1.200 per meter


What are your options when it comes to a beautiful robust table?

- Choose your finishing

BENAR Matt or Gloss

OSMO Dark Wash Matt or Gloss

OSMO White Wash Matt or Gloss

OSMO Teak Look Matt or Gloss



No finishing

- Bar table or dining table?

- Outdoor or indoor use?

- What kind of legs?

Suar wooden legs (+ € 0,00)

Matrix Base (+ € 450,00)

X-Legs or O-legs (+ € 300,00)

- Sizes:

250, 300, 350 and 400 cm


Available sizes:

250 cm

300 cm

350 cm

400 cm


Suar wood slab

Care Instructions

Depending on type of finishing!


Suar wood only requires basic maintenance to maintain its grandeur. Sponge clean with a mild soap and water solution and dry the surfaces thoroughly afterwards.


Oil the table every 3 months to keep a healthy and beautifully polished table.

Depending on finish we can provide you with the exact details of how to maintain your table.

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