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Gather, Connect, and Celebrate

Elevate your dining and bar experience with our exquisite collection!

Looking for the perfect furniture to create an inviting space for family dinners, game nights, or cocktail parties? Our collection of dining tables, bar tables, dining chairs, and bar stools is here to make your dreams a reality!

Looking for a dining or bar table that will last for generations and add a touch of warmth and character to your home? Look no further than our suar wooden and oak wooden dining and bar tables!
Crafted from the finest quality wood, our suar and oak tables are built to withstand the test of time. They're perfect for everything from intimate family dinners to lively cocktail parties with friends. Plus, the natural beauty of the wood adds a touch of rustic elegance to any space, making them a perfect fit for any home decor style.
Ready to complete the look of your dining or bar area with the perfect seating?

Our dining chairs are both stylish and comfortable, making them perfect for everything from casual family dinners to formal dinner parties. Our bar stools, on the other hand, offer adjustable heights and unique designs that make them the perfect addition to any bar area or kitchen island.
But what really sets our dining chairs and bar stools apart is their quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each piece is made from the finest materials to ensure they're built to last, while still offering a comfortable and stylish seating option for years to come.

So whether you're looking to upgrade your dining or bar area or simply add a touch of style and comfort, our collection of dining chairs and bar stools has everything you need to create the perfect space for any occasion.

Hereby we offer you a glimpse of all gorgeous possibilties

We feel privilaged for making these deliveries and thank our dear clients for their trust in Dumas Design

The team of Dumas is just amazing. You feel the passion of this family. We urgently needed chairs for our garden table as we had guests coming. Oscar did everything to deliver on time! Thank you so much!!


Christiane Engelmann

We bought terrace sofa, chair and table. The price was good and service even better. Highly recommended A******** all the way


Madge Crudgington

Lovely furniture great price. Friendly service


Michael Dawkins

Guía local
Gran variedad, donde elegir. Los propietarios son muy serviciales, con un servicio amable.



Guía local
Trato increíble, muy bien


Font-Nature GasNature, S.L.

Guía local
¡Qué servicio tan excepcional! Hace 2 años compramos tumbonas en Dumas Design. Desafortunadamente, recientemente el textileno se rasgó un poco en una articulación. Cuando pedí que lo repararan, ¡se ofrecieron a reemplazarlos gratis! ¡Eso es lo que yo llamo un gran 'Wow' para el servicio al cliente!

Robert Herok

Buena calidad, precios correctos, gente agradable, top.


Peter Aarts

Querida gente 🤓🥂🙏


Marco Van den Berg

Guía local
Excelente .... muy recomendable 👌


Anita Kapa