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Mesa baja de raíz de teca

Mesa baja de raíz de teca

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Presentamos nuestras impresionantes mesas de salón de raíz de teca, donde el arte de la naturaleza se une a la elegancia funcional.

Elaboradas a partir de las raíces del árbol milenario de la teca, estas mesas no son sólo muebles, sino un testimonio de la belleza de las creaciones de la naturaleza. Cada pieza es una obra de arte única, con intrincadas formas y texturas naturales que cuentan una historia de tiempo y resistencia.

Full Description

Introducing our stunning Teak Root Salon Tables - where nature's artistry meets functional elegance.
Crafted from the ancient teak tree's roots, these tables are not just furniture; they are a testament to the beauty of nature's creations. Each piece is a unique work of art, with intricate, natural shapes and textures that tell a story of time and resilience.

Why you'll adore our Teak Root Salon Tables:
Natural Elegance: The rich, earthy tones and one-of-a-kind shapes of teak root create a conversation piece that's both functional and captivating, adding a touch of luxury to your salon.

Sustainability: Our tables are made from reclaimed teak roots, making them an eco-friendly choice that honors the environment while beautifying your space.

Durability: Teak wood's natural resistance to decay and insects ensures these tables will stand the test of time, even in a busy salon environment.

Versatility: Whether you need a coffee table, side table, or display stand, our Teak Root Salon Tables seamlessly blend with various design styles and offer a perfect balance of form and function.

Low Maintenance: With minimal upkeep, these tables maintain their charm. Occasional cleaning and a touch of teak oil are all it takes to keep them looking their best.

Elevate your salon's ambiance with a touch of nature's finest. Our Teak Root Salon Tables are more than just furniture; they are a statement of your commitment to beauty, sustainability, and timeless design. Don't miss the opportunity to bring this unique artistry to your salon – order your teak root table today!


Teak Wood
Tempered Glass Table Top


⌀100*45 cm
⌀120*45 cm

Cleaning Instructions

Remove Dust and Debris:
Start by dusting the room divider with a soft, dry cloth or a feather duster. This step will prevent any abrasive particles from scratching the wood during the cleaning process.

Prepare a Cleaning Solution:
In a bucket, mix warm water with a small amount of mild dish soap or a teak-specific cleaner. Avoid using harsh chemicals, as they can damage the wood's natural oils and finish.

Scrub Gently:
Dip a soft-bristle brush or a clean cloth into the soapy water solution and gently scrub the teak wood. Work in the direction of the wood grain to avoid scratching. Pay extra attention to any stained or soiled areas.

Rinse Thoroughly:
Rinse the room divider with clean water to remove any soap residue. Make sure you don't oversaturate the wood; just a damp cloth or sponge is sufficient for rinsing.

Dry the Teak:
Use a soft, lint-free cloth or sponge to dry the teak thoroughly. Ensure that no moisture is left on the surface to prevent water spots.

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