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Напольный светильник Qoozii Aruba

Напольный светильник Qoozii Aruba

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Bali 30 - это элегантный беспроводной фонарь с минималистичным дизайном. Идеально подходит для того, чтобы окутать теплым светом ваше помещение или открытое пространство в сумерках.

Full Description

Transform your outdoor spaces into enchanting retreats with the Qoozii Outdoor Bali Lamp 30, available in three stunning finishes: timeless black, pristine white, or rustic corten. Designed to harmonize with any outdoor setting, this lamp combines elegance with durability for a truly captivating ambiance.


CRI80/ 2.2W / DC3.7V / 220lm

Touc ON/OFF / Dimmable 5%-100% / Light color 2700K & 3000K

LI-ion battery / Charging time <6.5 hours / Operating time >11 hours (100% light intensity)

USB Type C charging cable included

Safety Class III / IP65


H 300mm x W 150mm

Cleaning Instructions

Cleaning an outdoor lamp like a Qoozii model typically involves a few straightforward steps to ensure it remains in good condition:

Power Off: Before starting, make sure the lamp is unplugged or turned off at the mains to avoid any electrical hazards.

Dust Removal: Use a soft cloth or feather duster to gently remove any dust from the lamp's surface. Pay attention to intricate parts and corners where dust may accumulate.

Cleaning Solution: Prepare a mild cleaning solution by mixing a small amount of gentle dish soap or a specialized lamp cleaner with warm water. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners that could damage the lamp's finish.

Application: Dip a soft cloth or sponge into the cleaning solution and wring it out to remove excess moisture. Gently wipe down the lamp's surface with the damp cloth, ensuring not to soak any electrical components or sockets.

Rinsing: If necessary, use a separate cloth dampened with clean water to rinse off any soap residue. Again, be cautious around electrical parts.

Drying: Use a dry, soft cloth to gently pat the lamp dry. Make sure all parts are thoroughly dried to prevent water damage and to restore shine.

Finishing Touches: Once dry, you can optionally apply a furniture polish suitable for the lamp's material to add shine and provide some protection against dust accumulation.

Reassemble and Test: After cleaning, reassemble the lamp if you had to dismantle any parts for cleaning. Plug it back in and ensure everything functions correctly before returning it to its outdoor location.

By following these steps, you can effectively clean your Qoozii outdoor floor lamp and maintain its appearance and functionality for years to come.

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