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Formentera utdragbart bord

Formentera utdragbart bord

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Vi presenterar våra anmärkningsvärda utdragbara bord i pulverlackerad aluminium, själva sinnebilden för stil, mångsidighet och funktionalitet! Dessa bord är utformade för att förbättra din bostadsyta och anpassa sig till dina förändrade behov, och är en absolut game-changer.

Tänk dig att vara värd för en sammankomst med vänner eller familj och att du enkelt kan omvandla din matplats så att alla får plats. Med våra förlängningsbara bord kan du sömlöst förlänga ytan från 200 cm till imponerande 250 cm, vilket ger gott om utrymme för alla tillfällen. Oavsett om det är en intim middag eller en festlig tillställning ser dessa bord till att ingen gäst lämnas utan plats.

Full Description

Introducing our remarkable powder coated aluminum extendable tables, the epitome of style, versatility, and functionality! Designed to enhance your living space and adapt to your changing needs, these tables are an absolute game-changer.

Imagine hosting a gathering with friends or family, and effortlessly transforming your dining area to accommodate everyone. With our extendable tables, you can seamlessly extend the surface from 200 cm to an impressive 250 cm, providing ample space for every occasion. Whether it's an intimate dinner or a festive celebration, these tables ensure that no guest is left without a seat.
Crafted from high-quality aluminum, these tables offer exceptional durability and strength. The powder coating adds a touch of elegance and protects against scratches, stains, and UV damage, ensuring your table remains beautiful and vibrant for years to come. The sleek and modern design of the tables will effortlessly complement any interior or outdoor setting, adding a touch of sophistication to your space.

We offer two stunning color options to suit your aesthetic preferences: the timeless elegance of matt white and the contemporary allure of charcoal. Each color is carefully selected to enhance the overall ambiance of your space, providing a stylish and harmonious environment.
Our extendable tables are designed with your convenience in mind. The extension mechanism is intuitive and easy to use, allowing you to effortlessly adjust the table's length to accommodate your guests. The sturdy construction ensures stability, and the smooth extension mechanism operates seamlessly without compromising the table's integrity.

In addition to their functional superiority, our powder coated aluminum extendable tables require minimal maintenance. Simply wipe them clean with a damp cloth, and they will maintain their pristine appearance. This saves you valuable time and effort, allowing you to focus on enjoying your gatherings and creating unforgettable memories.
Don't miss the opportunity to transform your outdoor space with our powder coated aluminum extendable tables. Experience the perfect combination of style, versatility, and durability. Choose the table that fits your needs, and let it become the centerpiece of your gatherings. Elevate your entertaining game with our extendable tables today!

Contact us now to explore our range of powder coated aluminum extendable tables and make a lasting impression on your guests.


Powder coated aluminium


200/250*100*74 cm

Cleaning Instructions

Day to day maintenance of aluminium table tops can be performed by simply wiping down using a clean, damp cloth and warm, diluted, neutral detergent to remove surface spillages. Spillages of wine, coffee, ketchup, oils and acidic substances such as vinegar should be wiped clean immediately.

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