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Dumas Design

Cadeira de jantar Formentera

Cadeira de jantar Formentera

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Disponível em três combinações de cores elegantes: branco puro com textilene branco, branco moderno com textilene cinzento e carvão sofisticado com textilene cinzento, a cadeira de jantar Formentera complementa sem esforço qualquer ambiente exterior.

Full Description

Introducing the Formentera Dining Chair from Dumas Design – where elegance meets functionality. This beautifully designed chair features double textilene filled with quick dry foam, ensuring both comfort and durability for your outdoor dining experiences. Available in three stylish color combinations: pristine white with white textilene, modern white with grey textilene, and sophisticated charcoal with grey textilene, the Formentera Dining Chair effortlessly complements any outdoor setting.

What sets the Formentera Dining Chair apart is its thoughtful design that combines aesthetic appeal with practical convenience. Each chair is stackable, making storage a breeze without compromising on style. Whether you prefer the crisp, clean look of the white-on-white, the contemporary contrast of white and grey, or the sleek elegance of charcoal and grey, the Formentera Dining Chair offers a perfect match for your taste.

Enhance your outdoor dining area with the Formentera Dining Chair from Dumas Design. Experience the perfect blend of luxury, comfort, and practicality. Elevate your outdoor living today!


Powder coated aluminium
Textilene fabric
Quick dry foam


56 x 65 x 88.5cm

Cleaning Instructions

Simply clean with water and green soap. Let the green soap soak in and rinse with high pressure cleaner from a distance or just with a bucket of water

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