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Mesa Lyon em teca

Mesa Lyon em teca

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Apresentamos a Mesa Lyon em teca, uma obra-prima de elegância e habilidade que certamente transformará o seu espaço de vida ao ar livre num oásis luxuoso de relaxamento e sofisticação.

Full Description

Introducing the Teak Lyon Table, a masterpiece of elegance and craftsmanship that's sure to transform your outdoor living space into a luxurious oasis of relaxation and sophistication.

🌿 Key Features:

Premium Teak Construction: Crafted from the finest teak wood, the Lyon Table is not just a piece of furniture; it's a work of art. Teak is renowned for its durability and resistance to the elements, ensuring that your investment lasts for generations.

Generous Size: With a spacious 240 cm (94.5 inches) length, this table offers ample room to host family gatherings, outdoor feasts, and memorable celebrations. Whether you're dining alfresco or simply enjoying a leisurely afternoon, the Lyon Table has you covered.

Timeless Design: The Lyon Table boasts a timeless design that effortlessly complements any outdoor setting. Its classic aesthetic, with clean lines and a rich teak finish, adds an air of sophistication to your outdoor space.

Versatile and Functional: Whether you're hosting a barbecue, enjoying a brunch in the sun, or simply unwinding with a glass of wine, the Lyon Table provides the ideal surface for your outdoor activities.

Low Maintenance: Teak's natural oils make it resistant to pests, decay, and weathering, requiring minimal upkeep. You can enjoy its beauty without the hassle of constant maintenance.

🌞 Elevate your outdoor experience with the Teak Lyon Table of 240 cm. It's not just a table; it's an investment in comfort, style, and lasting memories.

Transform your outdoor oasis with the Teak Lyon Table today and savor the beauty of teak wood while creating unforgettable moments with loved ones. Act now, as this exquisite piece is in high demand, and stock won't last long. Upgrade your outdoor lifestyle with timeless elegance! 🌿🍷🌞


Teak Wood


Overall: 240 * 100 * 78 cm

Cleaning Instructions

Remove Dust and Debris:
Start by dusting the table with a soft, dry cloth or a feather duster. This step will prevent any abrasive particles from scratching the wood during the cleaning process.

Prepare a Cleaning Solution:
In a bucket, mix warm water with a small amount of mild dish soap or a teak-specific cleaner. Avoid using harsh chemicals, as they can damage the wood's natural oils and finish.

Scrub Gently:
Dip a soft-bristle brush or a clean cloth into the soapy water solution and gently scrub the teak wood. Work in the direction of the wood grain to avoid scratching. Pay extra attention to any stained or soiled areas.

Rinse Thoroughly:
Rinse the room divider with clean water to remove any soap residue. Make sure you don't oversaturate the wood; just a damp cloth or sponge is sufficient for rinsing.

Dry the Teak:
Use a soft, lint-free cloth or sponge to dry the teak thoroughly. Ensure that no moisture is left on the surface to prevent water spots.

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