Tabouret / table d'appoint suar
Tabouret / table d'appoint suar
Tabouret / table d'appoint suar
Tabouret / table d'appoint suar
Tabouret / table d'appoint suar

Tabouret / table d'appoint suar

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Présentation de nos tabourets de bois Suar et de nos tables latérales - où l'élégance de la nature répond aux fonctionnalités polyvalentes, créant un mélange unique d'art et d'utilité.Fabriqués à partir du magnifique arbre Suar, ces tabourets et les tables latéraux sont un hommage à la beauté du bois naturel....

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Care Instructions

All about it
Introducing our Suar Wood Stools and Side Tables – where nature's elegance meets versatile functionality, creating a unique blend of art and utility.

Crafted from the magnificent Suar tree, these stools and side tables are a tribute to the beauty of natural wood. Each piece showcases the Suar wood's captivating grain patterns and rich, warm tones, making them a statement of style and sustainability. 
Here's why you'll adore our Suar Wood Stools and Side Tables:

Natural Beauty: Suar wood's distinctive grain patterns and warm hues create a visual masterpiece that effortlessly enhances any space, whether as a stool or side table.

Versatility: These pieces are your canvas for creativity. They function as stylish side tables, extra seating, or even as unique decor accents, adapting to your ever-changing needs.

Sustainability: Crafted from sustainably sourced Suar wood, our stools and side tables reflect your commitment to both natural beauty and environmental responsibility.

Durability: Suar wood is known for its natural resistance to decay and insects, ensuring these pieces are built to last, year after year. 
Low Maintenance: With minimal upkeep, these pieces maintain their charm. Occasional cleaning and a touch of wood oil can keep them looking their best.

Elevate your living space with the warmth and character of Suar wood. Our Suar Wood Stools and Side Tables are more than just furniture; they are a statement of your commitment to beauty, sustainability, and timeless design. Don't miss the opportunity to bring this natural artistry into your home – order your Suar wood piece today and experience the beauty of nature in your everyday life!
Overall: ⌀35*46 cm
Suar Wood
How to clean
Cleaning and maintaining Suar wood stools and side tables is important to preserve their natural beauty and longevity. Suar wood is known for its unique grain patterns and rich hues, and with proper care, you can keep these pieces looking stunning. 

Materials Needed:
Mild dish soap or wood-specific cleaner
Warm water
Soft, lint-free cloth or sponge
Soft-bristle brush
Wood oil or wood wax (optional)
Sandpaper (if there are stubborn stains or rough areas)

Dust and Debris Removal:
Start by gently dusting off any loose dirt, dust, or debris from the Suar wood stool or side table. This prevents any abrasive particles from scratching the surface during the cleaning process.

Prepare a Cleaning Solution:
In a bucket, mix warm water with a small amount of mild dish soap or a wood-specific cleaner. Avoid using harsh chemicals that may harm the wood's natural beauty.

Clean Gently:
Dip a soft, lint-free cloth or sponge into the soapy water solution and gently clean the Suar wood. Work along the grain of the wood to avoid potential damage. Pay extra attention to any stained or soiled areas.
Rinse Thoroughly:
After cleaning, use a clean, damp cloth to rinse the stool or side table, removing any soap residue. Ensure that no moisture is left on the surface to prevent water spots.

Dry Thoroughly:
Use a dry, lint-free cloth to thoroughly dry the Suar wood piece. Make sure that no moisture remains on the surface to prevent damage.

Regular maintenance is key to keeping your Suar wood stool or side table looking its best. Clean them periodically, protect them from direct sunlight and extreme temperature fluctuations, and avoid excessive moisture. With proper care, your Suar wood pieces will continue to be a captivating and long-lasting addition to your space.
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